About Us

In today's dynamic threat landscape, security is non-negotiable

When it comes to safeguarding your critical assets and operations – it’s certainly Clear Cloud.

A Curated “Tech Stack” 

Clear Cloud designs and implements cyber-hardened physical security solutions to protect organizations and their critical assets, and support operational missions. Moreover, integral to our process is the design and engineering of complex technical systems by certified industry experts (CIE).

Certified experts select solutions for design and integration from Clear Cloud’s curated ‘Tech Stack.’ Clear Cloud rigorously evaluates solutions before they reach our Hoopa Test Lab, ensuring only the most exceptional technologies are considered.

Clear Cloud’s “Hoopa Test Lab” 

At our Test Lab on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California, we lead the charge in testing and validating state-of-the-art physical access security technologies. Additionally, we are testing today’s latest AI and Cloud security solutions.

Above all, Clear Cloud’s Hoopa Test Lab is the ultimate proving ground, testing innovative industry technologies in a variety of challenging conditions.

Why Clear Cloud

For organizations seeking robust and reliable solutions, Clear Cloud is the clear choice. Our Test Lab guarantees only the most resilient solutions make the Clear Cut.

We provide our customers with unmatched assurance and confidence. We identify and certify the best-of-breed technologies, including the latest cloud-based options and field-tested AI solutions and analytics.

When you choose Clear Cloud, you’re not just selecting a security systems integrator – you’re investing in peace of mind. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and proactive security approach, trust us to keep your organization safe from the most complex security challenges.

Our Mission

Clear Cloud exists to bring solutions to protect people, assets, and property. Embedded in this foundation is the desire to serve.


Our Vision

We seek to use our business as a platform to build stronger, thriving communities through entrepreneurial mentorship and tribal economic development.

Our Values

Our core values and employees are the strength and backbone of the company. No matter where we operate, every action we take as a company and as like-minded individuals is aligned with our core values of Integrity, People, and Community.

Hoopa Tribe Great Seal

Native American Affiliations

Clear Cloud remains involved in developing Native American entrepreneurs by working with tribal member-owned and tribal-owned businesses as well as the leadership teams that make up the enterprises of those critical small businesses.

In addition to our contributions to improving business in Indian country, providing opportunities to those living on reservations and underdeveloped tribal communities is at the heart of what we strive to accomplish.