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Clear Cloud designs and implements cyber-hardened physical security solutions to protect organizations and their critical assets, and support operational missions.

Your partner for cyber-hardened physical security solutions

Key differentiators that set Clear Cloud apart

Tailored Approaches

  • Technology stack of trusted sources
    • On-prem or cloud
  • Leading edge, test lab approved
  • Layered approach to facility and asset protection, including AI threat detection (safety and security)
  • Bench testing and pre-programming
  • Project management of systems (including construction elements)
  • Compliance with FAR 252.204-7012 and NIST 800-171
  • Customs service level agreements (24-hour response)
  • Maintained by experienced, manufacturer-certified service technicians
  • Embedded support
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Software support management
  • Proven and leading technologies

Our Services

“There are no boundaries for service. We go above and beyond – wherever you need us to work – that’s where we’re at.”

Discover Clear Cloud, your gateway to cutting-edge cyber-secure physical security solutions. Our products redefine longevity, offering extended lifecycles beyond industry norms. Differentiating with 24/7 support and unique service level agreements, we prioritize your peace of mind. Leveraging cloud technology, our cost-effective solutions align seamlessly with operational budgets.  Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Certified Industry Experts (CIEs): Our solutions are designed by certified industry experts who specialize in creating cutting-edge physical security systems.
  • Service programs that prolong the lifespan of your system investments: At Clear Cloud, we don’t just offer security products; we provide comprehensive service programs that extend the lifespan of your system investments.
  • Cutting-Edge Cloud Security Technologies: We leverage cutting-edge cloud security technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your security solutions.

Why you should choose Clear Cloud

How Clear Cloud Benefits You

  • Differentiation and Benefits: Clear Cloud stands out by offering advanced physical security systems that go beyond the ordinary. We focus on reducing risk, ensuring compliance reporting, and seamlessly integrating cyber and physical security. Our unique benefits include not only delivering superior, long-lasting products but also providing ongoing servicing, contributing to operational advantages for our clients.
  • Industry Transformation and Compliance: In a rapidly evolving security industry, compliance is paramount. We help clients meet their compliance goals, especially in sectors like healthcare and finance, where reporting is critical. The drive for compliance is also accelerating cloud adoption to reduce server space.
  • Addressing Security Threats: With growing external threats to critical infrastructure, Clear Cloud remains dedicated to staying ahead of these evolving challenges and creating cutting-edge security technology solutions.
  • Technology Assurance: Clear Cloud offers the latest technology that is both compliant and cost-effective. Our rigorous Test Lab verifies product performance, and our value engineering helps clients save money while ensuring top-tier security solutions..

You'll be in good company

We’re trusted by government agencies, national infrastructure giants and corporate big hitters to protect their staff, data and assets.

Clear Cloud has an outstanding reputation of professionalism and is viewed as a leader in the security industry. They have been a successful integral part of our work performed in the Southern California Region.

Senior Manager Southern California Edison

Ready to fortify your security and protect your critical assets? Explore our cyber-hardened physical security solutions and experience the Clear Cloud difference for yourself. Transform your security now!

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